Company / Regulations


1.1- THE COMPANY.- Named as BREOGAN AIRWAYS, is a non-profit virtual company, with the target of promoting the practice of the virtual simulation in the IVAO network.

The brand used by the company is not real and obeys the agreement stablished in the 24/2001 law of December the 27th about Commercial Registrations Property.

1.2- BREOGAN AIRWAYS Rights of admission reserved.

1.3- Personal information of users registered at BREOGAN AIRWAYS is used only internally, just to keep in contact our users, as the 15/1999 law about Data Protection recommends. Security and confidentiality is guaranteed for our website system.

1.4- All members of BREOGAN AIRWAYS have to follow this rules.

1.5- Unfulfilment of this rules may led into expulsion from our virtual company.



2.1.1.- President.- The representative person of the company.

2.1.2.- Vice-president.- He/she will replace the president just in case of absence.


2.2.1.- Operations Manager.- A person in charge of managing all the pilots, registrations, airplane changes and rank modifications.

2.2.2.- Fleet Resources Manager.- A person in charge of technical operations of the fleet and flight plans.

2.2.3.- Logistics Manager.- A person in charge of the website development, updates and company activities related to the software and hardware issues.

3.- RANKS (updated November the 22nd, 2006)

3.1.- Pilot-student.- The new pilots entering the virtual company, with no knowledge about VFR/IFR rules. People with less than 25 hours of VFR flights. Only VFR flights are allowed in this rank.

3.2.- Official.- Pilots with more than 25 hours of flights in IVAO.

3.3.- 1st Official.- Pilots with more than 100 hours reported to Breogan Airways Company.

3.4.- Officer.- Pilots with more than 200 hours or more reported to Breogan Airways Company.

3.5.- 1st Officer.- Pilots with more than 350 hours or more reported to Breogan Airways Company.

3.6.- Captain.- Pilots with more than 500 hours or more reported to Breogan Airways Company.

3.7.- 1st Captain.- Pilots with more than 1000 hours or more reported to Breogan Airways Company.

NOTE: To get a star you need at least the Flight Captain rank from IVAO.


The Breogan Airways Headquarters is in Santiago de Compostela-Lavacolla (LEST), Spain.

5.- Flight Reports It's mandatory to report:

5.1.- All flights done in IVAO network.

5.2.- Information to give in the report:

  • Pilot Id.
  • Airplane.
  • Airport departure.
  • Airport arrival.
  • Alternative airport.
  • UTC departure time.
  • UTC arrival time.
  • Fuel consumption in Kgs.
  • IFR flightplan done.

5.3.- All pilots have to report at least 3 flights/month with 30 minutes minimum each.

5.4.- Unfulfillment of the reports and flights may cause a pilot downgrade or cancellation.


6.1.- Any pilot registered in IVAO can apply for a registration in Simugalicia.

6.2.- Is mandatory to fill all the fields in the registration form.

6.3.- Once the registration is received, the Fleet Resources Manager will contact the pilot with the instructions for the training period.

6.4.- A new Breogan ID and access to the forum will be given to the new pilot.


7.1- A pilot will be deleted in the company:

7.1.1.- As requested by the own pilot.

7.1.2.- If the pilot don't follow the rules mentioned in point 5.3

7.1.3.- Bad behaviour with other pilots or ATCs.

7.1.4.- Bad behaviour with other pilots from the same company or other virtual airlines and members of the IVAO network.

7.1.5.- Leaking of software or information exclusively addressed to members of Simugalicia.

7.1.6.- Any fact considered as very serious by the Simugalicia Staff.

7.1.7.- If the pilot is cancelled, automatically will be deleted in Breogan Airways also.


The main target of this group is the enjoyment and learning of the virtual aviation.

We'll try to do it "as real as it gets", looking for real aeronautic information and we'll try to follow the real procedures.

The pilots are free to repeat any flight with no limitations.

Every pilot should report at least 3 flights/month.

All pilots should respect other pilots and ATCs.

Breogan Airways can cancel any pilot if he/she don't follow the rules indicated before.

When a member request a cancellation this will be done by the Fleet Manager.

Periodically the Operations Manager can cancel any account that don't follow the rules mentioned.

The flight simulator software should be used in real time with planes not modified. No time acceleration is allowed during the flight sessions. Panels and sounds replacement are allowed in the flight simulator.

The main target of the company is to maintain an ON-LINE virtual airline. We'll use the IVAO network and all the pilots belonging to Breogan Airways have to use the BOGxxx ID while flying in IVAO.


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